Things to Note

Bring along

  1. Graduand attendance card for admission into the Auditorium
  2. Guest invitation cards for your guests
  3. Academic dress and hood

Dress code

Male graduands: long-sleeved shirt, tie and dress shoes
Female graduands: shirt/blouse with skirt/pants and covered court shoes
Mask-wearing will be optional for Commencement 2022.

Registration and robing

All attendees are required to adhere to the Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS).

Only graduands with a valid admission card, and who fulfil the VDS will be allowed to enter the event venue.

Please report at the MPH at 8.50am (Commencement Ceremony 1) or 2.20pm (Commencement Ceremony 2) for registration and robing.

All graduands must be seated in the Auditorium by 9.40am (Commencement Ceremony 1) or 3.10pm (Commencement Ceremony 2)Doors will be closed once the ceremony has started.

During the ceremony

Commencement is a formal academic ceremony and a dignified occasion. Please be reminded of the following:

  1. Academic regalia (robe, hood and mortarboard) should be worn throughout the ceremony. Academic regalia must not be altered in any way.

  2. Mobile devices to be on silent mode.

  3. Ushers will check your graduand attendance card and show you to your seat. You are to remain seated and follow the directions of the ushers throughout the ceremony.

  4. The attendance card is required when you are presented on stage. Please have your attendance card with you at all times, especially when you are queuing to be presented on stage.

  5. Handshakes or other forms of physical contact are not allowed on stage during the presentation of graduates.

This is a memorable moment when you and your fellow graduands celebrate your academic achievements, so do remember to applaud for one another!

End of Ceremony

Please follow the ushers’ instructions to exit the Auditorium.

All graduands and guests are invited to a reception at the Campus Centre after the ceremony.