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Continuing Education and Training for SUTD Graduates (AY 2020)


  • SUTD AY2021 graduates will also be eligible for the 4 free CET courses, valid till 31 August 2022.

  • For AY2020 graduates, the validity for the 4 CET courses has been extended by a year till 31 August 2022.

SUTD graduates from AY2020 would be eligible for free Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses with the SUTD Academy.

Each student in the graduating cohort will be able to sign up for 4 CET courses (worth up to S$18,000), for free. Courses range from Cybersecurity to Data Science, and even cover business areas such as Digital HR and Digital Marketing. These programmes will sharpen the skill-set of our graduates and equip them with industry-relevant skills, in preparation, for their careers.

By completing the 4 CET courses from a selection of over 20 courses, graduates are poised to attain their first Graduate Certificate; upon fulfilling the requirements of the certificate programme. To further their interests and specialisation, they can also top up with additional modules to attain the ModularMaster Certificate.

Course information and listing

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