Guide for Faculty Supervising UROP Projects

1. Project Proposals

Faculties interested in offering projects for UROP are welcomed to submit their UROP proposals online at during the call for UROP proposals period. (Refer to schedule) 

Student(s) who wish to initiate their own projects may also approach you to be their potential supervisor.  If a faculty is willing to take the student(s) under their guidance, the faculty will help the student to register his/her project on the online registration system under the faculty’s account during the call for UROP proposals period.

Successful UROP proposals will be supported by SGD$1000 funding for materials and consumables according to the UROP funding guidelines.

2. Student Applications

Approved projects will appear in the student application system.  Interested students will approach faculty for a discussion during the online application period to find out more about the project scope and expectations.  Faculty will also assess the suitability of the student(s) for the project.

Upon agreement by the faculty, students can proceed to apply for the project online, whereby faculties will choose to accept or reject the student(s) on the online portal.

Once application results are out, the accepted UROPers will contact the faculty to begin on their UROP journey!

3. Project Evaluation

The faculties will be asked to evaluate the student(s)’ work towards the end of the UROP project. If the work done by the student is satisfactory, faculties can then recommend him/her for a UROP certificate.

* Please note that students do not receive any monetary compensation or in kind under UROP