How to develop a lesson plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) I am interested in initiating a 3D printing workshop. To be eligible for the UTOP certificate, must I fulfil the minimum 26 contact hours within a term? 

As long as your entire UTOP activity fulfils a minimum of 26 contact hours (of which 1/3 of the total contact hours can be considered towards course preparatory/admin work), you will be eligible for the UTOP certificate.  Your activity can be within, for example, 3 days to over the entire term.

2) I have a UTOP student-initiated proposal I would like to submit. May I know the deadline for submission?

There is no deadline for student-initiated project proposal submissions as we accept proposals all year round!

Please note that student proposals may take up to 2 weeks for review, so do send your proposals in early for review in time for your proposed activity.

3) I know of a peer/undergraduate who does teaching without any pay or recognition; can I recommend him/her for UTOP? 

Know of someone who fits the requirements but is not recognized? Write to us @!