For faculty who require UTAs for your subject or programme, we will open applications for UTA requests in week 8 (look out for our email invite!).  Alternatively you can write to us and the UTOP office will follow up with you accordingly. 

Student-initiated projects:
The role of a faculty/staff advisor in student-initiated activities is to support and advise students on their activity.
You may simply act as a resource, moderator or to point students in the right direction whenever necessary.

Type Nomenclature / Description
(UTOP Office)
Termed as:
UTAs  (Undergraduate Teaching Assistants) 

- Non paid
(UTAs need to fulfil 26 contact hours: defined as teaching interaction, up to 1/3 of the hours can be considered towards course preparation or administrative work.)
A UTOP certificate will be issued when UTAs fulfil 26 contact hours as defined above.
Student Helper Scheme
(Office of Student Life)
Termed as:
Student Helpers  (Regardless of type of duties)

– Paid $8.75/hour
(Up to 50% of the subject fund may be used to engage Student Helpers)
No certificate issued.
Graduate TAs
(Office of Graduate Studies)

Termed as:
TAs (Teaching Assistants) or Graduate Instructors

No certificate issued.