FIRST Industry Workshop 2018

Over 800 guests (more than 600 from industry and the Government) came together for the third edition of the FIRST Industry Workshop. Industry heavyweights and senior decision-makers from all sectors were all present to witness SUTD’s continued growth as the key player in the Changi Innovation Hub in Singapore’s East.

Professor Yeo Kiat Seng advocating for an overhaul of the current STEM education system to better provide talent for Singapore’s 21st century workforce.

Mr Russell Tham describes ST Engineering‘s extensive series of public/private sector research partnerships and their evolution in the years ahead.

Mr David Dutton explains why Silvaco, Inc. has embraced an open innovation research ecosystem and how it is essential for R&D excellence.



The Forum Panellists discussed the necessary steps needed to fully harness the potential of Industry 4.0 and increased collaboration between industry, academia and the Government under 3 main areas:

  • Singapore’s International Relevance and the evergreen need to attract global investment, companies and talent even as local enterprises seek out overseas business opportunities and markets.
  • Innovation in Singapore, marked by increasing automation and new data-driven technologies across strategic industries such as artificial intelligence, aerospace, manufacturing and healthcare.
  • Looking Into The Future and forecasting new technologies and competencies (not yet identified) to meet the growing needs of Singapore and keeping it on the forefront of science and industry.

Prof Lim Sun Sun
Head of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, SUTD

Mr Philip Lim
Chief Executive Officer, Accelerate Technologies Pte Ltd

Dr David Ong
Vice Chairman, Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China

Dr Pierre Brunswick
Chief Executive Officer, NeuroMem Technologies)

Sia Kheng Yok
Chief Executive, Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)

Assoc Prof Thomas Lew
Chairman of the Medical Board, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

The Panel members share a light-hearted moment as Pierre makes a joke about neuromorphic technology and human aptitude.

The Panel (L-R): David Ong, Philip Lim, Prof Lim, Richardo (Moderator), Pierre Brunswick, Sia Kheng Yok, Prof Lew.

Prof Lew describes how NHG’s Centre for Medical Technologies & Innovations, under his leadership, is advancing MedTech innovation.



Over 70 innovative research projects from SUTD researchers were displayed at the SUTD Campus Centre, revolving around nine technology domains:

Advanced Manufacturing

The development of cost-effective/ sustainable materials and fabrication techniques for new manufacturing and productivity paradigms. 

Data Science

The application of data extrapolation and analytics with algorithmic processing to forecast patterns and future solutions to address a wide variety of societal challenges.


The exploration of forward-looking technologies and designs for electronic materials and wireless, high-speed communication with low-power consumption.

AI/ Machine Learning

Creating artificial neural networks and neuromorphic technologies and principles to pave the way for new models of artificial intelligence. 

Drones/ Robotics

The design of propulsion, sensor, locomotive and structural systems and solutions for advanced miniature robots and unmanned autonomous vehicles for numerous applications.


The integration of advanced engineering techniques and designs to fabricate polymers, human tissue and screening/diagnostics systems for better treatment and preventive medicine.


Next-generation cybersecurity tools, protocols and solutions for Cyber Physical systems, Internet of Things, enterprise networks and mobile devices.

Engineering Design

The process of developing innovative urban-centric solutions including energy storage, commercial transport and biodegradable materials.

Materials Science

The evaluation and synthesis of new composite materials with enhanced hydrophobic, conductive or resistive properties.


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