FIRST Industry Workshop 2019

Over 900 guests (more than 700 from industry and the Government) get together for the fourth edition of the FIRST Industry Workshop. Industry heavyweights and senior decision-makers from all sectors were present to witness collaborative research success.

Professor Yeo Kiat Seng highlights the importance of equipping PMET with the skillsets to continuously learn and quickly assimilate knowledge and to solve cross disciplinary problems.

Professor Eugene A Fitzgerald describes SMART‘s collaborative ecosystem and their evolution in the years ahead.



"Singapore 4.0: Research, Innovation and Enterprise for Humanity"
In 2016, the Singapore Government announced the launch of the S$4.5 billion Industry Transformation Programme (ITP), where Industry Transformation Maps will be developed for 23 strategic industries to address issues within each industry and deepen partnerships between Government, firms, industries, trade associations and chambers.

SUTD was established as a research-intensive university with strong research capabilities in both human capital and physical infrastructure. As part of its next phase of growth, SUTD will be establishing strategic collaborations with industry, Government and academia partners in four key areas: Aviation, Healthcare, AI/Data Science and Future Cities.

These partnerships will build a tightly-knit research ecosystem that integrates research, education, and industry to produce graduates and researchers with multi-faceted skills and a holistic understanding of next-generation technology.

The Forum Panelists discussed about a 'Singapore 4.0' and the need to reprioritise funding and resources towards new economic opportunities and national needs. On top of that, there is a sharing on the upcoming research megatrends and the outlook for Singapore's R&D in the next decade.

With this in mind, closer collaboration between industry, academia and the Government is necessary to realise the vision of a human-centric 21st century Singapore utilising a technologically-aided design perspective, given SUTD's considerable expertise in marrying design and technology in both its pedagogy and research initiatives.

Prof Lim Sun Sun
Head of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, SUTD

Mr Atsushi Kawai
Managing Director, CM Engineering Co, Japan

Dr Karen Chong
Director (Engineering Cluster), Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC), A*STAR

Mr Bryan Ong
Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy, Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

Ms Jane Lo
Correspondent, MySecurityMedia


The Panel (L-R): Julian (Moderator), Mr Atsushi Kawai, Mr Bryan Ong, Ms Jane Lo, Dr Karen Chong, Prof Lim.

Dr Chong discusses on how Singapore needs to be prepared for the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the skillsets for jobs that will be required in 15 years' time will be new skills such as transversal kills (solving complex problems, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills etc).

Prof Lim describes how technology is for everyone so it is important that both sides of the humanity are well represented.



Over 40 innovative research projects from SUTD researchers were displayed at the SUTD Campus Centre, revolving around three research categories:

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

Explore new solutions and products that will improve the productivity of and add new capabilities to Singapore's economic sectors (e.g. aviation, healthcare, additive manufacturing, electronics).

Digital Solutions and Data Science/Analytics

Includes advances in artificial intelligence/machine learning, computing analysis, cybersecurity, operations management and other innovative areas that will set the stage for a whole new digital economy.

Future Cities/Urban Sustainable Solutions

Integrates technological advances to enhance Singaporeans' urban living and working environment (e.g. urban design, personal mobility, water treatment, unmanned surveillance).


SUTD Research Centre Tours

Event guests will have the opportunity to find out more about our research centres:

iTrust Centre for Research in Cyber Security (SWaT, WADI, EPIC)

iTrust is a Centre for Research in Cyber Security. During the lab tour, visitors will see how its critical infrastructure and IoT testbeds contribute to safety and security of such systems and devices.

Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC)

Talk by Dr Harvey Neo, Senior Fellow, LKYCIC (3.30pm)
The talk will provide a general overview of the Centre and highlight key research programmes such as ageing, digital economy and urban environments. It will showcase how the Centre has actively engaged with the private sector, government agencies and people to identify and address key urban challenges in future Asian cities.
Talk by Dr Samuel Chng, Research Fellow, LKYCIC (4.30pm)
The talk will provide a general overview of the Centre and highlight key research programmes such as ageing, digital economy and urban environments. It will focus on the Centre’s work with industry partners, government agencies, Labour movement and people in the area of technology disruption and the future of work.

SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC)

Encompasses an introduction to the center, her facilities and research projects. Level 3 gallery showcases several of our research and UG project prototypes as well as other IDC initiatives.

SUTD Game Lab

Showcasing SUTD Game Lab’s latest developments in VR technologies and other various games, SUTD Game Lab is a centre for game development with its core focus on VR, AR and AI gamification solutions.


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