Keynote Abstract

President, South East Asia, Pacific and South Korea

Co-Creating the Future of Power Together
As a technology company that provides vital power, collaboration is integral to Rolls-Royce’s approach to creating a better industry—and a better world. Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing challenges have become more complex. Sustainable power is also needed now more than ever across products, services and operations. Hence, partnerships are key to pooling the talent, resources and technology to innovate quickly. We have been continuously deepening our collaborations with academia, research institutes and governments to co-develop solutions for industries. Discover the innovative possibilities of partnerships on advanced research and technologies that will help us co-create a more sustainable future of power together.


Huawei International Pte Ltd 

The Future Intelligent World Requires Closer Collaboration Between University and Industry
We are currently experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. The development of ICT technology and industry will build a fully connected intelligent world for us. Innovation is driving the advancement of technology and industry at an unprecedented rate, which places much higher demands on talent. Closer collaboration between universities and industry will be an important guarantee of continuous innovation and talent development in the intelligent age.