SUTD hosts IWA to honour the establishment of IWA Gyan Jyoti Study Award

On 23 April 2019, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) hosted the Indian Women’s Association (IWA) committee on campus for a tea reception. The event was held in appreciation of their support in establishing the IWA Gyan Jyoti Study Award, which will benefit female awardees in their academic pursuits of excellence.

Attendees at the event included committee members from IWA as well as faculty and student representatives. The reception also provided a platform for the IWA committee members to interact with and hear first-hand from students and faculty about the SUTD educational experience.

“SUTD seeks to attract more women in technology. We are delighted that IWA is partnering us to offer more opportunities to our female students, particularly in architecture, engineering, technology and design,” said Associate Provost of Student Affairs, Professor Lim Seh Chun.

Of the Gyan Jyoti award, Vice President of IWA, Ms Selmé Singh, said, “‘Gyan’ means knowledge and ‘Jyoti’ means flame. The name of the award came from our hopes that the awardees will get the flame of knowledge, and the unique education at SUTD gives us confidence they will have the kind of opportunities to do so.”

Co-Vice President, Ms Nirupa Vasudev, said: “SUTD is doing such a great work with empowering and educating women, which is something that we are always on the lookout to be a part of. Nearly half of the student population is female, and that’s impressive in the STEM field.”

The IWA Gyan Jyoti Study Award aims to nurture tomorrow’s female leaders by supporting a life-changing educational experience for today’s female students. Female students who are financially disadvantaged and have attained good academic results, and a track record of active involvement in Fifth Row and community work are eligible to apply for the Study Award.

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