A Community Buzzing with Excitement

The SUTD community takes pride in being bold, taking risks and challenging the norms. Each day, students are pushed to their highest potential, designing solutions to society’s pressing needs through work and play. Paired with an environment that sparks the entrepreneurial spirit, many of these solutions have even entered the commercial market.

Collaboration is a distinctive, core trait of the SUTD curriculum. Like in the working world, students are required to work together across modules and pillars (specialties) in their day-to-day learning experiences. The collaborative spirit even stretches outside of school. Students work on their own projects with their seniors and juniors to improve just about anything around them. To bring their solutions to the real world, students can participate in various programmes and competitions to win seed funding and boost their own startups.

At SUTD, every student is encouraged to bring their ideas to life, to embrace failures as learning experiences and work together to bring value to society.

A Progressive Institution

Emboldened with a forward-looking attitude, SUTD went on to achieve many outstanding milestones within its first five years of inception. In 2015, SUTD celebrated its pioneer batch of graduates who successfully secured rewarding jobs in Singapore’s key industries, including national defence, infocomm services and banking and finance. Its second batch of graduates in 2016 also performed excellently, with 90% clinching jobs within just six months of completing their final examinations. Others chose to start their own companies and develop innovative products and services using the skills and knowledge they have obtained in school. SUTD has since witnessed over seven start-ups and even more in the pipeline.

In 2017, SUTD was awarded the maximum accreditation tenure of five years across all of its undergraduate engineering and architecture programmes. This was granted after a rigorous accreditation exercise by the Engineering Accreditation Board and the Board of Architects. With the achievement of this accreditation, students and industry partners are assured that SUTD’s unique pedagogy is of the highest standards.

With many more exciting plans ahead, SUTD is certainly progressing towards achieving a better world by design.

Make a Difference 

Your generosity will inspire the creation of advanced solutions for society tomorrow that is beyond our imagination today. 

An investment with immeasurable returns, your gift could help realise ideas that can truly make a difference.

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