Congratulations on being selected as valedictorian and for your upcoming graduation. Tell us why did you choose to study architecture?

I'm curious about the way we live, and perhaps this became the lead up to my decision to study architecture, and I'm interested to explore how we can design experiences and living spaces. I'm also interested in food and the possibilities of growing our own produce. 

How have your journey with SUTD been; any memorable moments or interesting experiences that you would like to share with us?  

I've had many first-time experiences through my SUTD education; such as learning to code, and then designing with code, being involved in a public street installation, designing and constructing a pavilion, building a boat from scratch, designing architectural projects, etc. 

Two projects off the top of my head: building an electric boat from scratch together with friends during a summer exchange at GLP. It was my first time trying to build an entire boat hull, and was exhilarating to see it bobbing across the Charles River during our final boat race. 

Surely there were ups and downs during your learning journey. So how do you motivate yourself – what keeps you going when you face challenges?

Knowing that these struggles are part of learning and that through them we emerge a little better and more experienced than we used to be before. 

Now that you are graduating, what will you miss most about SUTD?

The close-knit community: the exchanges between students, faculty, and staff, across pillars and years, truly one big SUTD family. 

Do you have any message to your friends, or any advice to future SUTD students?

SUTD is a great place to pursue your interests and explore new ground, so don't hesitate!

Thank you, Wei Lin for the interview. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!