Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019):

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  • SUTD uncovers the power of dynamically rewiring swarm robotic systems
    05 Apr 2019 Engineering Product Development Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

    "Given the explosion in the development of distributed/decentralized systems, this research shows that a dynamic rewiring of the interaction network is essential to the effective collective operations of these complex engineered systems at different time scales."

  • SUTD researchers develop a hydrogel for enhanced cell encapsulation and delivery
    25 Mar 2019 Engineering Product Development Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental

    The SUTD researchers developed the CNF hydrogel which allows for its transformation from a solid hydrogel to a fluid when subjected to stress, and back to a solid hydrogel in less than a minute.

  • How intelligent is artificial intelligence?
    12 Mar 2019 Information Systems Technology and Design Artificial Intelligence

    It may often remain unclear, whether the AI's decision making behavior is truly 'intelligent' or whether the procedures are just averagely successful.

  • SUTD researchers developed new methods to create microfluidic devices with fluoropolymers
    06 Feb 2019 Engineering Product Development, DManD Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental

    A research team from the SUTD developed a simple method to fabricate microchannels using fluoropolymers.

  • SUTD researchers developed customizable microfluidic nozzles...
    31 Jan 2019 Engineering Product Development, DManD Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental

    Researchers from the SUTD developed a modular approach to fabricate microfluidic axisymmetric droplet generators with distinct modules of 3D printed fittings, needles and tubes.

  • NTU and SUTD researchers discover asymmetric chemical reaction with intriguing reaction pathways
    28 Jan 2019 Science and Mathematics Biochemistry, Particle Physics

    In essence, this work communicates a new synthetic 'tool' for chemists which operates in an unconventional and intriguing manner, paving the way for the design of other asymmetric reactions based on halogen-bonding interactions.

  • Multimaterial 3D printing used to develop fast response stiffness-tunable soft actuator
    15 Jan 2019 Science and Mathematics, DmanD Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Physics, Materials

    Researchers from the SUTD and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) proposed a paradigm to use finite-element simulations and hybrid multimaterial 3D printing to design and manufacture fast-response, stiffness-tunable (FRST) soft actuators which are able to complete a softening-stiffening cycle within 32 seconds.

  • Holographic color printing for optical security
    08 Jan 2019 Engineering Product Development Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Optics

    Unlike regular diffractive optical elements that have a frosted-glass appearance and projects only single images, these new holographic colour prints can be a stronger deterrent to counterfeiters while looking pretty at the same time.