SUTD Honours And Research Programme (SHARP)

The SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP) is a premier structured research-oriented programme for academically bright students with a highly inquisitive mind, and who aspire to pursue a research-related career later in universities, research labs and high-tech industries. SHARP will nurture you into a research scientist and engineer capable of integrating disciplines to develop cutting edge and trailblazing technologies to transform industries.


  • Builds on SUTD’s unique interdisciplinary environment and harnesses our expertise and research across science, products, systems, information technology and the built environment, to produce breakthrough solutions that could transform our world.

  • Advanced classes during Freshmore year as pre-research training to deepen your foundation and knowledge in key subjects.

  • Opportunity to explore various research topics before finalising your research project in Term 6, which will culminate in a final research thesis in Term 8. The research projects may include, but are not limited to, those offered in SUTD’s four strategic growth areas – Aviation, Artificial Intelligence, Cities and Healthcare.

  • Learn to produce high quality research critical for future studies in graduate schools through 1:1 close faculty research supervision.

  • Gain exposure to the world of research through overseas visits and undertake a mandatory internship at research institutes.

  • Opportunity to present your research paper at funded overseas conferences.

  • Selected students with excellent research performance can proceed with the Concurrent BEng-MEng Degree Pathway (CDP). The additional 2 terms allow students to further prepare them for a career in Research and Development, while completing the requirements of existing Master of Engineering (MEng) in Research.

Message from Programme Director

Dear prospective and current SHARP students,

The focus of the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP) is you as young researchers, who have great passion and determination for outstanding research. It is aimed to empower you so that your well-honed research skills developed in SHARP will allow you to work for the betterment of the world we live in.

To achieve this, we will equip you with deeper knowledge through the Honours Sessions over a wide range of topics beyond the typical year 1 curriculum. More importantly, we will immerse you in a research-focused environment by pairing you with faculty over 5 terms of research projects, which will eventually lead to an undergraduate research thesis. In addition to academic support, research stipends and financial support will fund your travel to present your works at top conferences, and your publication in top journals.

Similar to all SUTD students, SHARP students will benefit from SUTD's signature cohort-based and hands-on pedagogy, team-work and of course, the social side of SUTD life which makes the university years so memorable. 
I am sure to be marvelled by your growth, passion and brilliance, and I am very excited to be part of your research journey in SUTD and beyond.

Dario Poletti
Associate Professor and Associate Head for Graduate Programme and Research, Science, Mathematics and Technology
Programme Director for SUTD Honours And Research Programme (SHARP)