All SHARP students will be considered for SUTD or donor-sponsored scholarships1.

In addition to this, all SHARP students will receive:

  • $7,500 in research stipends2
  • $7,500 in grants for conference travel, publication charge and other research related expenses

1 Please note that SHARP is open to students from all nationalities except those international students receiving the ASEAN Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship or the Design & Engineering (Merit) Scholarship for their studies in SUTD.
2 Stipends will be capped at $1,500 per term to be drawn down from Term 4 onwards upon approval to conduct a research project supported by a faculty member.

Admission Criteria

Academic Results

  • Outstanding applicants presenting strong results with either GCE A-Levels, local Polytechnic Diploma, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma or international qualifications may be considered. 

  • On top of fulfilling the general admission criteria for the respective qualification presented, applicants should score at least 2 ‘A’s in Mathematics and a Science subject at H2, Higher Level or the equivalent, to be eligible for SHARP

Non-Academic Aspects

  • Demonstrated strong passion for research

  • Participation in research-related programmes (e.g. SUTD Research Mentorship Programme, Singapore Science and Engineering Fair, etc.)

  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as records of leadership experience and community service

  • An interest to pursue graduate programmes or a research-oriented career after the bachelor degree

How to Apply

  1. If you are interested in SHARP, please make sure to indicate your intention to apply for the programme in the online admission application and answer two short response questions on your motivation to apply for this programme, as well as your research experience and interest.

  2. If you are shortlisted for the programme, you will be notified to select your preferred interview slot with a faculty member – either in-person on SUTD campus, or remotely. On the interview day, you will also be required to complete a short assignment and to discuss your thought process with the interviewer. 

  3. All applicants will receive an email notification on your admission outcome latest by mid-May

  4. Do confirm your acceptance of the SHARP offer by the stipulated deadline in the admission offer letter. 

Special Programmes & Scholarships