Programme Structure

The programme duration is 8 terms for B.Eng or B.Sc. Students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies can apply to our PhD or M.Eng (Research) programmes.

Honours Sessions
To equip SHARP students with research methodology and to deepen their subject domain knowledge, advanced classes (known as honours sessions) will be offered on top of the regular Freshmore subjects in Terms 1 to 3. 
From Terms 4 to 8, you will conduct an undergraduate research project with one or more faculty members, which will lead to an undergraduate thesis in Term 8.
Global Research Exposure
During your two summer breaks, you will participate in an overseas summer programme and a research internship respectively. An optional short overseas field trip will be held during the Independent Activity Period (IAP) in Term 5.

Special Programmes & Scholarships

Academic Calendar

SUTD Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme
2 For continuation in SHARP, students must pass at least 2 honours sessions and attain a cGPA of at least 3.5 at the end of Term 3. All students are to indicate their pillar preference after the end of Term 3.
3 SHARP students are also eligible for overseas exchange in Term 6.

Note: From Academic Year (AY) 2020 onwards, the undergraduate intake will be in September of the year. Prospective students applying to enrol in year 2020 should note that there will be changes to the academic calendar. Students may refer to the new academic calendar here.