On August 10, 2015, several members of SUTD’s Career Development Team were invited to an exclusive presentation by the interns at AMD.

The event began with a brief opening introduction by AMD’s Senior Manager of Platform and Product Engineering, Mr Derek Wong.

This was followed with the presentations by the interns at AMD. Our SUTD interns, namely, Mr Shariq Farooqui, Mr Tan Jun Jie, and Ms Denise Wong, put up excellent presentations, discerningly discussing their highly technical projects at AMD.

Shariq shared his experience working with the Singapore Platform Development and Design Team at AMD, on the development of test board platforms for microchips. He briefly discussed his work on a short circuit tester, as well as the lessons he learnt from designing a printed circuit board.

Jun Jie’s internship at AMD was spent working with the Simple System Level Test team, and he explained how he worked on developing a GPU profiling tool, and the accompanying VBA coding to automate the plotting of the data in Excel.

Denise interned in Design and Development at the Singapore Product Development Center (SPDC) Hardware Infrastructure (HWI) department. She had a rewarding experience, having been given the opportunity to actually see through the construction a mobile thermal station she designed.  In addition, she further worked on the design for a heatsink, and a water jacket; making use of Solidworks Flow simulation for the latter.


From left to right: Shariq, SUTD, Junjie, SUTD and Denise, SUTD

Following each presentation, they were quizzed under the expertise of the various managers and supervisors from AMD who attended the event. And each proved their worth with swift and confident answers to the questions.

Perhaps most revealing about the internship experience at AMD, was how the interns had high praise for their time with the company, all citing the team building exercise to be the highlight of their experience, amongst many. They shared that working at AMD had been an eye opener, highly informative, a fulfilling opportunity, but most of all, it had been a great learning experience.

All in all, it was a lighthearted, yet professionally conducted event, punctuated ever so often by the enthusiasm and warm encouragement of the supervisors at AMD.

In his closing speech, Mr Todd Foulds, AMD’s Engineering Director, praised the efforts of the interns in both their presentations and projects, and shared that he looked forward to having more interns from SUTD in future.

Given the positive feedback and experience both AMD and the interns have had, SUTD certainly values the partnership, and we look forward to a closer collaboration with AMD.