On 26 Nov 2015, SUTD played host to the 13th Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative (HYLI) Report Meeting. It was a signature event involving esteemed representatives from Hitachi, SUTD, NUS, and NTU.

The event began in the evening, with the participants settling down at Café Aria, one of several restaurants located within SUTD.

The event was organized by Hitachi Asia Ltd. led by the Managing Director, Mr. Hirohiko Morisaki. Mr. Morisaki formally opened the event with a brief welcome introduction and a presentation of Hitachi’s business activities in Singapore.

This was followed by an introduction to HYLI by Mr Atsushi Konno, General Manager of Corporate Communications at Hitachi Asia, culminating in a presentation by the four HYLI students from Singapore.

The HYLI is an initiative by Hitachi to augment the capabilities of future leaders. Since its inauguration in Singapore in 1996, four of the most promising university students from each participating country are selected to partake in a cross-cultural discussion over regional as well as global matters. The students would also get the opportunity to engage with current Asian leaders from the fields of governance, business and academics. The list of participating countries expanded this year to include Myanmar. Other participating countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

After the students’ presentation, the 13th HYLI Whitepaper donation ceremony commenced, with Hitachi handing the Whitepaper to SUTD, NUS, and NTU representatives, and the 13th HYLI students handing it on to HYLI alumni.

Associate Provost of International Relations and Graduate Studies, Professor Yeo Kiat Seng closed the event with his presentation on - Technological Innovation in Higher Education and Research: The Next Economic Miracle?