Each year, the SUTD Career Development Centre organises two Industry Nights in September and October. These evenings present an opportunity for companies to send their keenest representatives, spanning from hiring managers to CEOs, to find out more about SUTD’s unique culture, and network with our ever dedicated alumni and students.

This year, our Industry Nights drew in a total of 95 companies, represented by over 230 of their finest. The representatives were treated to an introduction to SUTD by our esteemed President and Provost, followed by a guided tour through the main facilities and laboratories of our brand new campus.


Returning from their tour, the representatives were greeted by over 200 of our students, as well as about 30 of our pioneer graduates as they settled in for the networking session. 


The networking session proved fruitful to the companies, our alumni, and our students. It allowed companies to better understand the university and get in touch with them, whilst also allowing our alumni and students a valuable chance to learn more about the individual companies and industries.

Quotes from the attendees:

"I found this evening’s Industry Night highly useful. It allowed me to gather more information and ideas by visiting the company booths, granting me insight on how I might follow and apply for internships with the companies, as well as the demands within each company. The knowledge and network I gained from this event also allowed me to get a better understanding of which track or pillar I might pursue. I would definitely attend Industry Night again." 
– Chen Yidan, 2015 Freshmore

"I am excited to be here and it’s great to see so much energy among the people at the event.  We’ve certainly been impressed by our visit to SUTD – the combination of technology with a business focus aligns well with what organisations are looking for in terms of skills in the market." 
– David Crawford, Chief Architect, BT Global