The career talk by Frost & Sullivan scheduled at 4.00pm, 30 September 2015 at SUTD drew a crowd of enthusiastic students. 

The talk began with Mr Richard Wong, Senior Director with Frost & Sullivan, providing an overview on the profile of the company. Frost & Sullivan provides consultation to address global challenges and related growth opportunities faced by companies today. With the widest industry coverage  of any company globally, Frost & Sullivan aims to provide comprehensive insights and solutions to address each client’s needs.


From left to right:Mr Richard Wong, Senior Director and Students from SUTD 

Mr Wong then discussed the company’s own development and evolution through its history. Frost & Sullivan had begun as a research company and soon offered business advisory services. Today, Frost & Sullivan has expanded yet further, offering future planning services to guide the development of companies in preparation for what the future holds.

Much of what Frost & Sullivan does focuses on augmenting and supplementing the growth of companies. Mr Wong explained that this is due to the critical nature of growth, expansion and advancement of a company’s model for sustainability in the long run. A stagnant company that fails to reinvent itself or expand its market would soon lose its competitive edge to others competing in the same market.

Another tip he shared with our students, was the necessity to keep abreast of global current affairs. He encouraged students to open up their minds to the wealth of information available through the media, which can help them gain a deeper understanding of the trends driving economic growth, as well as derive insights into the inter-relationships between key players in the industry. Such information, could play a key role in shaping how businesses thrive in today's global economy.Moving on, he shared about the expansive clientele list of Frost & Sullivan, encompassing various industries across public and private sectors, both locally and internationally. With such widespread coverage, the exposure in itself would prove an invaluable experience for its employees, especially fresh graduates.


Mr Wong elaborated on how Frost & Sullivan provides solutions across such broad sectors in three distinct groups:

The consultants who interact with the clients and provide solutions, researchers who work to acquire the latest information for the project and finally, the sales team who help promote the services and products offered by Frost & Sullivan.

At Frost, employees get an opportunity to work in a multinational environment with colleagues from all over the world. They would have the chance to be exposed to a wide variety of projects from different clients, each with a unique set of requirements.For an opportunity at an internship, Mr Wong suggested that the students could join the annual Frost & Sullivan Case Challenge, where SUTD’s ESD students, Mr Ian Martin Teoh, Ms Poh Wen Ya, and Ms Zhu Xiaohan won first place in 2014, securing a grand prize of S$1000 and an internship with Frost & Sullivan. Other internship positions with Frost & Sullivan would be made available to the students via our Career Development Centre as well.

2014 Frost & Sullivan Case Challenge Winners: Ian Martin Teoh, Poh Wen Ya, and Zhu Xiaohan 

Ms Felicia Woo, Assistant HR Manager, took to the stage next, discussing local as well as international career opportunities with Frost & Sullivan. She followed up by explaining how a career with Frost & Sullivan could begin via the Management Associate Program. Comprising of a 12-month development program, successful applicants  begin with an orientation boot camp lasting 4 days and 3 nights, progress through multiple job rotations, and culminating in graded assessments including a ‘final year project’."


Ms Felicia explaining the Management Associate Program and sharing about career options at Frost & Sullivan 

The whole talk concluded with an extensive Q&A session, where the students’ detailed queries about the work culture, internship and career opportunities with Frost & Sullivan were satisfactorily answered by both Mr Wong and Ms Woo.


From left to right: Mr Richard tackling a question from the students and Networking after the talk

"It was an eye-opening experience into the world of government sector consulting. Mr Wong and Ms Woo provided very useful information." 
– Cedric Yau Hin Meng, ESD Sophomore

"Mr Wong gave very relevant insights into what work life in Frost & Sullivan is like. The talk has allowed us to gain a better understanding of the different job opportunities within the company, and what they entail. This will help us decide on our future career paths, taking into considerations our personal preferences, strengths, as well as weaknesses." 
– Teo Yunsheng, ESD Sophomore