Infineon is a semiconductor manufacturing company with products encompassing a wide spectrum of the market.

The Infineon talk held at SUTD on 25 November 2015 began with Mr Sim Wee Sien, from Infineon’s Corporate Supply Chain, discussing the expanse of Infineon’s product line that cover the 3 focus areas of mobility, energy efficiency, and security. He talked about how semiconductor chips from Infineon play a crucial role in today’s automobiles, particularly with the focus towards electric vehicles, an area where Infineon leads the market.

Beyond products that drive and enhance the efficiency of electric vehicles, Infineon also has a sizeable presence in the security industry as well, manufacturing the microcontrollers in security passes, ID cards, as well as providing security solutions.

Mr Sim also discussed how the world is shifting towards an ‘Internet of Things’ under Industry 4.0, or in layman terms, the integration of networking capabilities in physical objects as we undergo the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. This shift in the industry would further bolster Infineon’s already impressive sustainability, entrenching it further in a viable segment of the market.

Having established Infineon’s role in the market, Mr Sim shared his personal experience on working in Infineon, citing it to be a company that focuses on developing its employees and retaining them. He praised the multi-cultural, highly diverse nature of the company, and provided a valuable tip to our students:

"If you wish to get hired in a company, go on an internship with them first. An internship experience does not only benefit you, but allows the employers to better gauge your capabilities, more than what a mere interview might tell them."

Substantiating its importance, he explained how he would not have hired one of the current staff based on his interview performance, but because of the great experience working with the staff during an internship, chose him over other potential hires.

Mr Wan Howe Chern from Infineon’s Talent Marketing & Diversity department stepped up next, providing an overview on life as an intern with Infineon. He spoke of how the interns plan lunches with games every two weeks to foster bonding between them, and how Infineon provides the freedom to encourage interns to foster bonds with people from different cultures.

Mr Sim Wee Sien, Supply Chain Engineering, & Mr Wan Howe Chern, Talent Marketing & Diversity

On the topic of projects, both speakers strongly encouraged students to come forth with an area they might be interested in, as the positions in Infineon are relatively flexible, and they would be able to best match the position with the student’s interest.

Students interested in pursuing an internship with Infineon over the upcoming 2016 Summer may begin applying via their website.