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Are you deciding what job or company you want to apply to?  Have you decided on the industry?  Do you have a company in mind and want to meet up with their representatives?  Join us at the various career events to meet company representatives and build network for your future career.

The essentials of job searching and career advancement are:

  • A keen understanding about the underpinnings of the industries
  • A healthy source of information about the available jobs
  • An expansive and comprehensive network of professional contacts

Our career events provide you with an opportunity for a long-lasting and fulfilling career. The events often involve key industry leaders and their representatives, providing a great way for you to increase your industry contacts as well as network with potential employers.

Recruitment Talks

Recruitment talks generally occur between September to March, and are aimed at providing you with more information regarding the company and industry, as well as the availability of internship and job opportunities.

Speakers from the companies are highly experienced individuals within their industry, and the opportunity to learn more about a company and its workings should never be missed.

Industry Night

The Industry Night is our main networking events each year. Typically held in September, the Industry Night provides networking opportunities to meet various companies as  most of our industry partners will partake in the event. During Industry Nights, please take this chance to interact and meet representatives from different industries, bolstering your contacts list. The Industry Night in September is held in tandem with the Learning Celebration Carnival. This provides students a platform to showcase the projects they worked on during their internships.

Industry Night 2017

Career and Internship Fair

The annual Career and Internship Fair takes place on the first Wednesday when term commences in January, and is geared towards exposing the students to career and internship opportunities.

Companies will be setting up booths and looking out for potential hires. Students who are keen to embark on a career following their graduation would greatly benefit from checking out the jobs available.

Students who are yet to graduate may look into the various internship opportunities, and reap the advantage of establishing a greater network with our industry partners. The representatives from different companies will be sharing valuable knowledge about the companies and the industry to reinforce your understanding.

The Career and Internship Fair often incorporates a panel discussion, which explores the hiring trends of the market and what to look out for as fresh graduates.

Career and Internship Fair 2019

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