Niometrics Data and Business Analytics Award

The Niometrics Data and Business Analytics Award seeks to motivate outstanding students who are enrolled in 40.011 Data and Business Analytics course offered by the Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) pillar.


Strong academic performance in 40.011 Data and Business Analytics module and active class participation.


A cash prize of S$2,500.


The award will be given to the most outstanding student in the 40.011 Data and Business Analytics module. Student with the highest score at the end of the term will be selected for the award. Scoring will be based on both individual and group work. Selection of the recipient will be made by faculty teaching the course.

Niometrics is a network analytics company that provides solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to develop strategies and decisions for new digital businesses, customer experience management, and network planning and optimisation.

Analysing a combined base of over 500 million subscribers who consume and exchange over 60 PB of data daily, Niometrics’ proprietary, full-stack Deep Network Analytics (DNA) technology extracts, processes, and transforms in real time complex network data into insights, enabling CSPs to take better and more timely actions to drive higher business ROIs.

Niometrics partners with some of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. Based in Singapore, the company has operations and R&D hubs across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.