Tech Innovations — Connecting Outer Space to Earth

How do astronauts spend their days in outer space? What is it like to do a spacewalk, flying nearly 28,000 km/hr while floating 400 km above Planet Earth? NASA Commander Jeff Williams shares his experiences and insights on some of the important research being conducted on board the International Space Station (ISS). 

Speaker: Jeff Williams

Opening a New Window into the Universe: The 100-Year Quest for Einstein's Gravitational Waves​

Hear from Dr Mavalvala as she discussed the science, technology and human story behind how she and her team made the first ever detections of gravitational waves in 2016 and how her team is helping to solve decades-long mysteries.

A technicolour light show

Prof Mavalvala tells the story of collisions of black holes and neutron stars.

Watch the highlight here
Speaker: Nergis Malvalvala