Jeff Williams

NASA Astronaut

About the speaker

Jeff Williams is a NASA astronaut who had a record-breaking mission aboard the International Space Station, spending 534 days in space.

About the lecture: Tech Innovations — Connecting Outer Space to Earth

How do astronauts spend their days in outer space? What is it like to do a spacewalk, flying nearly 28,000 km/hr while floating 400 km above Planet Earth? NASA Commander Jeff Williams knows full well, having spent 534 days living on board the International Space Station (ISS) and executing five spacewalks throughout his career.

Join us in this rare opportunity where Commander Williams shares his experiences and insights on some of the important research being conducted on board ISS. As the commercial space industry (“NewSpace”) works hand-in-hand with national programmes to offer increased civilian access to outer space, we need to better understand how biological and physical systems respond in an environment well beyond the tug of Earth’s gravity.

Space technology is developing at an unprecedented rate and global options in space-related careers are expected to grow substantially. Hear about today’s experiences to look out for tomorrow’s opportunities.