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Using Chitin, a Bioinspired Material, to Manufacture Tools and Shelters on Mars

Associate Professor Javier G. Fernandez and PhD student Ng Shi Wei look into building circular ecosystems in space. Now, that's a material science research that's literally out of this world!

Wanna live on Mars

Landing an Industrial Drone on Mars?

Final-year students tackled this in their 2021 Capstone project and worked with Aerial Industries who aims to land their drone on Mars by 2026. The students designed a drone and its supporting ecosystem for deployment and testing on Earth.

Inner Planet Aerial Mobility System

Past Capstone projects

Class of 2017


The Gilmour Space Technologies Spaceplane Project aims to produce a highly realistic full-scale vehicle prototype using advanced digital composite manufacturing integrated with user-experience design.

Launch Into Virtual Extraterrestrial Space (LIVES)

An interactive CubeSat and a virtual multiplayer space environment with real-life satellites for enthusiasts to learn about space technology at a deeper level.

Class of 2016

Design and Build a Satellite Thermal Control System

This project mainly focuses on controlling the battery temperature within the satellite and uses a data visualisation tool to analyse and spot trends from the data.

Class of 2015


The aim of the project is to develop a rotorcraft that is capable of achieving vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) on Mars for use in planetary surface exploration.

Design a 9-person Mars Habitat

The Gilmour Mars Habitat. Self-sustainable, supporting nine people for two years, and integrating state-of-the-art technology with innovative, human-centric design, the habitat brings promise of a future where home is a mere 225,000,000 kilometres away.


A novel method of efficient water extraction and collection from the surface of planet Mars. This project was done in collaboration with SUTD-MIT International Design Centre and Gilmour Space Technologies.