Academic Media Studio

The Academic Media Studio (2.710) is a learning space for the SUTD community to produce videos, photography and audio recording for education, academic and Fifth Row projects and assignments (etc.).

The studio is made up of two sections:

  • Video Studio 
  • Multitrack Recording Studio

Both studios can be booked by faculty members, students and staff. 

Production of Educational Videos

We also provide support for production of Educational Videos that will be used for teaching and learning to benefit SUTD’s students and enhance their learning experience.  

For education related video production requests, please fill up this online form.

Please note that your RO’s (Reporting Officer's) support is required for any application to be considered. A submission of the online form does not act as a confirmation. All submissions will be evaluated and we will get in touch on the confirmation.

Approved applications are served on first-come-first-serve basis.