Build Course Content

You can create your content in your courses such as learning modules, lesson plans and folders.

Create Content

Reuse Content

Course Files

Content Collection

You can create content, set its options and availability for students to access.

You can copy, import and save an entire course as an archive. With Course Files, you can organize, view, manage, and link to files according to your needs. Content Collection allows you to upload, replace or delete content directly from Blackboard.

An overview of the different types of communication tools in eDimension.


Send Email

Discussion Forum


A one way communication from instructors to students.

Two way communication between instructors and students. Two way communication between instructors and students to add interaction in your class. Two way communication between instructors and students for sharing of information.

An overview of the different types of Assignments tools in eDimension.

Native Assignments

Turnitin Assignments

Native assignments do not go through plagiarism and collusion checks. Turnitin assignments are used for plagiarism and collusion checks.
Guide For Online Exams using eDimension (Tests and Native Assignments)

You can provide and manage your students' grade for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs and wikis.

Entering Grades in Grade Center

Assignment Inline Grading


Feedback Studio

Manually assign grades in the Grade Center.

Inline Grading allows instructors to grade students’ assignments and provide feedback with annotations. Rubrics ensure consistent and impartial grading and help students to focus when studying. The Turnitin Feedback Studio is designed to empower you to provide the tools needed for an efficient marking process.

An overview of the different types of collaboration tools in eDimension.





A virtual classroom tool used to deliver lessons synchronously to students. A tool which allows students to improve reflection and writing skills. A self-reflection tool that allows students to express their thoughts. A collaborative web space where co-construct of knowledge can take place.