About Us

Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam, Programme Director, Learning Sciences Lab

Nacha started out her career in researching and teaching Microbiology and Medical Microbiology in a tertiary institute in Singapore. Her deep interest in connecting with learners and understanding how to design curriculum and teach effectively changed her career path to educational development. She obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology from Erasmus University, Netherlands.
Nacha comes with rich experiences in faculty, instructional and curriculum development as well as pedagogical research. She has worked in three different Teaching and Learning Centres in Singapore.  Having both teaching and research background has enabled her to connect with faculty members in supporting them on various aspects of pedagogical development initiatives.
Nacha is a regional consultant on pedagogy, seasoned speaker at higher education conferences, Editorial board member of Asian Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and an expert panel member of NMC-Horizon report (on Technology enabled Learning).

Nacha is the first/founding member of the Learning Sciences Lab at SUTD. She looks forward to working with all to support Teaching and Learning at SUTD.

Our Address

Learning Sciences Lab
Level 3, Block 5, Office of Education (Annexe)
8 Somapah Road
Singapore 487372
Telephone: 6486 7045
Email: nachamma@sutd.edu.sg
If you are driving to SUTD, Lobby E is one of the closest to the LSL office. Please use the link way at level 3, between Block 2 and 5 to reach the office.