Learning Application

Surfaces and Level Contours to Teach Advanced Maths II class

Developed by:
Sergey Kushnarev (ESD), Wong Wei Pin (ESD) & Aravind Satkunasingam Kandiah (SUTD Student) 

About the app:
This is an Augmented Reality app to allow students to view the surface of the function of two variables and visualize its level contours.

The app works on both Android and Apple devices.

It requires a printed out marker for the surface to be display (the larger the marker, the larger the surface displayed).

How the app is used in the classroom:
The app will be used as a part of a hands on learning activity in Term 2, Advanced Math 2 class. 

Students will be asked to interact with the 3D surface of the math function, and then they would need to answer the relevant questions and complete the quiz.