Message from Programme Director

The SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) is a special integrated programme that aims to immerse and nurture a new generation of technically-grounded leaders in a world of innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities.

With a curriculum that spans over 10 academic terms, students will go through a design-centric education that offers strong grounding in technology, design and entrepreneurship, accompanied with exposure to real-world start-up processes. The 1-year global immersion will enable students to witness emerging technologies and be exposed to vibrant entrepreneurial and business ecosystems. Students will then gather and build upon what they have learnt to complete an MSc Project (thesis).

Through all these experiences, STEP graduates will be ready to take on a range of career choices in start-up industry sectors, as “intrapreneurs” in multinational corporations or even realise their dreams of starting their own tech business.

If you share a strong drive and passion in both technology and entrepreneurship and aspire to make an impact in the world, we welcome you to join our community!

Tan U-Xuan
Associate Professor, Engineering Product Development
Programme Director for SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP)


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