Applying for an apartment

New staff will be informed of your eligibility to apply for staff housing during the employment process.

You may submit a housing application as early as two months before your intended move-in date, although applications should reach the Office of Housing at least two weeks in advance.

The Office of Housing will inform you of the status of your housing application at least one week before your arrival.

Staff members who are offered apartments should read and understand the Staff Housing Terms and Conditions before accepting their housing offers.  An acceptance fee of $300 is required to confirm a housing reservation.

Moving into your apartment

The Office of Housing or their representative will arrange to hand over all keys, documents on housing terms & conditions and inventory for your endorsement once you have accepted the assigned accommodation.

Moving out of your apartment

Staff members who are vacating their accommodation should notify Office of Housing at least 30 days before their intended departure, subject to housing terms and conditions.

Staff members should:

  • Remove all personal belongings
  • Re-instate the accommodation to its original condition (except wear and tear)
  • Remove all litter within the accommodation
  • Return all housing access cards, keys and all duplicate keys, if any
  • Terminate their utility account, where applicable
  • Terminate all telephone and cable TV subscriptions
  • Settle all payments for services
  • The Office of Housing reserves the right to charge residents for removal or reinstatement costs, or deduct these costs from the housing deposit (where applicable), in the event of non-compliance

Information correct as of 11 July 2016