Undergraduate Housing Fees (AY2024) 

For Freshmore Terms 1 & 2, please refer to the Freshmore housing page.

Housing fees for undergraduates after Term 2 are as follows:

February 2024 housing application exercise

Please take note:   

  • Housing fees are subject to change if a GST (Goods and Services Tax) increase is implemented by the Singapore Government, or where residents are given advance notice of any changes, for instance. Refer to the Student Housing Terms and Conditions sent together with the housing offer.

  • An application fee of S$21.80 (inclusive of GST and non-refundable) is payable for each housing application. The application outcome is subject to supply and demand, and housing is not guaranteed.

  • Upon being offered housing, a S$200.00 acceptance fee is payable in order to confirm a reservation. The acceptance fee will be used to offset the housing fees upon check-in.

  • Housing fees for each term are based on number of nights in each term billing cycle. Students are liable for the full housing fees as indicated above unless otherwise informed.

  • Additional housing fees are payable if the check-in date of the student is before the contract start date (i.e. early check-in). 

  • The above housing fees will not be pro-rated if a student chooses to check-in after the listed contract start date except in situations where he/she was offered housing after this date. 

  • The housing fees are payable by term as indicated in the above payment schedule. Payment is due 7 days from the invoice date (except for GIRO payments). A S$20.00 fee will be imposed for late payments.

  • The above fees do not include the use of the room’s air-conditioning, which is on a pay-per-use basis via top-up of air-con credits. 

  • For more details, please refer to the list of housing-related fees and charges (login required).

  • For billing- or payment-related queries, please email ecchousing@sutd.edu.sg.

Payment Modes

  • Students are encouraged to pay their housing fees through:

The above information is correct as of 14 February 2024.  The University reserves the right to revise information on this website.