Who can apply for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)?

Any student who is academically strong and has a passion for research will find SHARP a perfect fit to grow to his/her full potential.

How many students will be enrolled in each cohort for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)?

Students enrolled in SHARP will form a nice close-knit group, carefully followed by our faculty. As such, we will enrol a maximum of 40 students each year for this programme.

What are the admission requirements for the SHARP programme?

Academically bright students with an inquisitive mind, and interest and apitude for research are preferred. Applicants will also need to present strong academic results with either GCE A-Levels, local Polytechnic Diploma, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma or international qualifications. On top of fulfilling the general admission criteria for the respective qualification presented, applicants should score at least 2 ‘A’s in Mathematics and a Science subject at GCE A Level H2 Level, Higher Level or the equivalent, to be eligible for SHARP.

What documents do students with international qualifications need to submit to apply for the SHARP programme?

On top of the admissions requirements and relevant documentation listed on the respective qualifications webpages, applicants are required to demonstrate their motivation and competency in research and SHARP, by completing two short response questions as part of their online application.  

How can I apply for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)?

Please submit an online application via the SUTD Admissions Portal.

I would like to make changes to the application that I have submitted. Who should I write to?

Please write to SUTD Admissions via admissions@sutd.edu.sg.

Can males serving Singapore National Service apply? Will places be reserved for NSmen for post-NS admission?

Yes, males currently serving National Service, are welcome to apply. We will reserve a place for male students who accepted our offers, for the immediate intake year after your ORD.

Will all applicants be interviewed?

Only shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

How do I check my application outcome? How do i make an appeal?

You can check the status of your application by logging into the admissions portal using your user name and password. Appeals are to be submitted via the admissions portal.

I am an international student. Can I apply for SHARP?

International students who are NOT receiving the ASEAN Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship and Design & Engineering (Merit) Scholarship for their studies in SUTD are eligible to be enrolled as SHARP students.

What is the duration of the SHARP programme?

The duration of the SHARP programme is 8 terms, which matches that of the SUTD undergraduate programme. The duration for SHARP students who are selected for the Concurrent BEng-MEng Degree Pathway (CDP) is 10 terms.

What are Honours Sessions and how many sessions do SHARP students need to attend?

Honours Sessions introduce students to various advance Math and Science topics that are not covered in the Freshmore curriculum and serve to provide pre-research training for students in SHARP. One Honours Session is scheduled per Freshmore Term and classes for the Honours Session are held once a week. SHARP students are required to attend all three Honours Sessions and pass at least 2 Honours sessions in order to continue on with SHARP. You may refer to the list of topics for the Honours Sessions.

Are scholarships available for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)?

All SHARP students will be considered for scholarships, awards will be based on merit and competition.
Students enrolled in SHARP will be eligible for the research stipends and grants listed here

I have been accepted into the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP), and received a scholarship from an external organisation. Can i still enroll in this programme?

You can still enroll in this programme. However, you are not allowed to hold more than one scholarship. You will have to decide which scholarship to accept. Please inform SUTD of your final decision.

What are the global exposure opportunities that SHARP students can be excited about?

SHARP students who are awarded the SUTD Global Excellence Scholarship, SUTD Global Distinguished Scholarship or the SUTD Global Merit Scholarship will enjoy sponsorship and priority consideration for our overseas immersion programmes**, which include Summer Programmes and the Global Exchange Programme (GEXP) at one of SUTD’s partner institutions overseas - in Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. 

** Certain overseas programmes may be withdrawn, cut down or subject to change due to the occurrence of events beyond the control of SUTD.
Students can also look forward to opportunities to attend overseas conferences to present their research papers.

Why did SUTD launch the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)?

With this research-focused programme, we aim to nurture brilliant students with a passion for research, discovery and the betterment of the world we live in. This programme will empower them to follow their passion and put them on the path to fulfil their potential.

When was the first intake for the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)?

The first intake was in May 2019.

I would like to make further enquiries on the SHARP programme. How do I go about this?

For further enquiries, please contact SUTD Admissions via admissions@sutd.edu.sg.

How will the transcript for SHARP students differ from the others?

The transcript of the SHARP students will indicate each Honours Session that the student has passed, plus the positive completion of each SHARP-UROP project and of the Thesis Defense.

What are the selection criteria for Concurrent BEng-MEng Degree Pathway (CDP)?

The Concurrent BEng-MEng Degree Pathway (CDP) will be offered to outstanding SHARP students who meet the requirements to remain in SHARP after 5 terms and have shown strong aptitude for publishable research work. Students must maintain a minimum cGPA of 3.5 and above, and good research progress.

Only selected SHARP students in CSD, EPD and ESD are eligible for application to CDP.

What is the structure for SHARP students who are selected for CDP?

Selected students will be enrolled as BEng students from Terms 1 to 6, and continue as concurrent BEng and MEng students from Term 7 to 10.

Will the CDP require significant extra work?

Students in SHARP will have already fulfilled more than half of the requirements for an MEng from SUTD, provided they choose a cross-listed undergraduate and graduate course in Term 7 or 8. Within Terms 9 and 10, they will just need to take one graduate course, and extend their project to satisfy the criteria for an MEng thesis.

What are the benefits for SHARP students who are enrolled in CDP?

SHARP students who are selected for CDP will be awarded tuition fee waiver in Terms 9 and 10. The tuition fee waiver is valued at the applicable postgraduate tuition fees* for Singapore Citizens.

*Based on tuition fees for new full-time students during the Admission Year. Tuition fees are pegged to the prevailing fees for postgraduate programmes offered by SUTD.