Admission Requirements

What we look for

SUTD reviews all applications comprehensively. We look for students who are not only academically prepared, but also possess the qualities that we value. For the former, we look for evidence of competency in Mathematics and the Sciences, in the context of the opportunities afforded to them. Apart from the final year exam results, we also take into consideration your academic performance in the 2-3 years leading to the final exam.

With our unique cohort-based and active learning approach, we believe that students who work well in teams, who are not afraid to question the norm and be different, who are intellectually curious, who persevere in the face of difficulties, and who are comfortable being hands-on, will fit in excellently in SUTD. Through your participation in co-curricular activities, accomplishments and portfolios, teacher’s recommendations, and responses to our personal insight questions, we hope to gain a better understanding of you as an individual, and if you have the attributes to flourish in SUTD. 

The conversation (for selected candidates) with our faculty/leader will also provide SUTD with additional information to assess if you are a good fit.

Minimum requirements

Find out more about the minimum academic requirements for admission for the qualification you are applying under here:

As admission to the University is competitive, do note that satisfying the minimum requirements is often not enough to be competitive for selection. The selection will be based on merit and a comprehensive review as outlined above.

However, as a guide, the University has provided the following reference data to help prospective applicants make an informed choice in applying to the university:

Of the A Level students who were offered in the university admission exercise in 2023:

  • Nearly all had taken Mathematics at H2 level, and two thirds scored As or Bs
  • Nearly all had taken either H2 Physics or Chemistry (or both) at H2 level, and over half scored As or Bs in either/both subjects