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Capstone: A University-Industry Partnership

The Capstone project is a University-Industry partnership whereby students work in cross-functional teams to solve real-world challenges. Working in teams of 5 to 7 students, these final-year undergraduate students will learn to apply the principles, concepts, techniques that they have learnt to investigate your technical and business challenges.


Nature of a Capstone Project

A Capstone project is an industry-based project which gives senior year undergraduate students the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge, principles, concepts and techniques they have learned to solve multi-disciplinary challenges. It aims to give students a holistic, integrative design experience that requires an extensive range of technological design skills and knowledge such as:

Identifying real world needs Transforming needs into technical specifications or design strategies
Applying modelling techniques and evaluating design alternatives Using teamwork to resolve the challenges in designing and validating a tangible solution

Benefits for Industry Partners

Capstone Partners can look forward to:

  • Gaining access to design and technology oriented students to investigate your technical and business challenges
  • Owning intellectual property generated during the Capstone project
  • Gaining access to a wide range of faculty technical expertise
  • Having consistent exposure to gauge the abilities of students over the two-term (8-month) project duration to recruit the right talent with the right attitude and understanding of your business environment

Contributions from Industry Partners

Capstone Partners should provide:

  • Projects that involve students from at least 2 different pillars
  • Project should have enough scope for 5 to 7 students per team
  • Projects that last 2 terms (from January to August)
  • Projects that fulfill university learning objectives
  • Mentors who will work closely with students and faculty instructors
  • The cost of participation is S$6,000 per team to cover design, prototype and project materials

How to Participate

Be a Capstone Partner simply by:

Submission for Capstone 2022 has closed. Please email for enquiries on new submissions and the submission schedule for Capstone 2023.

  • Providing details of your proposed Capstone project(s) using the Project Form* brief. Please email the completed form to the Capstone Office; or
  • Filling in details of your proposed Capstone project(s) using the Online Project Form*
  • The Project Form brief will help to facilitate subsequent project scoping discussions with SUTD to fine-tune the proposals
  • When the project scoping is completed, the approved project will be accepted as a Capstone project for student selection from September to November
  • Signing the standard Capstone agreement letter. (Note: All Intellectual Properties generated during the Capstone project belong to the Capstone Partner. There are also non-disclosure clauses to safeguard confidential information.)
  • Completing project scoping discussions and signing of Capstone agreement letter latest by August, before the project starts in January the following year

*Kindly note the window for project proposal submission: January - August
SUTD may stop accepting proposed Capstone projects earlier if suffucient projects have been received for the year.


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