SUTD Academy provides skills-based professional education and training courses for entry-level jobseekers, mid-career professionals, executives and senior managers. Our courses ensure that your skills and knowledge stay relevant in today’s knowledge-intensive and technology-driven economy.

Upcoming Courses

  • Introduction to HR Analytics and Basic Statistical Analysis
    02 Oct 2018

    Introduction to HR Analytics and Basic Statistical Analysis

    Designed for HR professionals. Learn how you can use HR Analytics to manage Human Resources functions to improve efficiency and performance.

    Duration: 1 Day

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    22-23 Oct 2018

    (Statistical) Reading and Writing for the 21st Century

    In the age of fake news, how do you distinguish facts from fiction? Participants will acquire basic statistical literacy skills to enable them to judge the presentation of data on their own merits, assumptions made, and in a global context.

    Duration: 2 Days

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  • Internet Security Primer
    30 Oct 2018

    Internet Security Primer

    1-day introductory course on the security of the Internet and its applications. Participants will learn key security properties desired and major threats against them.

    Duration: 1 Day

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Our offerings

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    Up-skill and re-skill with the SkillsFuture Series in data analytics, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, tech-enabled services.

    SkillsFuture Series Courses
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    Expand your skills-set and explore a variety of skills-based programmes beyond the designated SkillsFuture (SF) Series Courses.

    SkillsFuture Courses
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    Short, bite-sized, modular courses that you can build towards a Master's Degree.

    ModularMasters™ Programme

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Master of Science in Security by Design

One-year Master programme in Security-by-Design, designed for engineers with an undergraduate degree in any one of several fields of engineering.

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Why SUTD Academy

SUTD Academy was established to enable its faculty and industry practitioners to update and upgrade the knowledge and skills of professionals, managers, executives and its Alumni through professional education and training.

At the Academy, we believe in lifelong education that goes beyond formal learning and that is self-driven, self-planned and self-initiated. Through our Professional Education and Training courses, you develop relevant skills to excel in your work and overcome the numerous challenges of tomorrow.