Master of Science in Technology and Design (Cybersecurity)

Programme Overview

The Master of Science in Technology and Design (Cybersecurity) programme is a great choice for individuals who are keen to develop cybersecurity skills with design innovation expertise by taking advantage of the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills from design science, data-driven design and engineering systems.

This unique programme features a design core intertwined with information technology security electives. It leverages SUTD’s pedagogy to train design innovators and leaders by providing a foundation in design science and design innovation, which is a distinctive feature of the Master of Science in Technology and Design programmes.

One-Year Full-Time Programme

This one-year full-time programme is suitable for individuals who wish to upgrade their skillset in cybersecurity, and design science and innovation to fast-track their professional careers or entrepreneurial pursuits as technically-grounded leaders and innovators.

Meaningful Experiential Learning

Students will have meaningful experiential learning and receive mentoring by working on projects in SUTD’s research centres or external industry partners during their final term. These projects provide hands-on opportunities for the students to apply their cybersecurity knowledge and hone their skills attained through the programme, equipping them with real world experience and skills that are highly sought after by employers. This will also foster their skills relevancy in this industry where threats and technologies evolve rapidly.

Access to World-Class Testbeds

SUTD offers world-class testbeds that facilitate research and training in the design of secure large-scale cyber-physical systems. These testbeds include:

Career Opportunities for Graduates

MTD (Cybersecurity) graduates will be able to:

  • contribute significantly to enterprises dealing with technological products and services;

  • play a pivotal role in governmental institutes dealing with innovation, policy strategies and research institutions; and

  • act as consultants in technology assessments as well as innovation and change management.

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