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MyModularMaster® Programme

MyModularMaster® programme is a unique micro-credential initiative that refers to the suite of short, modular professional development courses that learners can stack up to a Graduate Certificate and even a ModularMaster (MM) Certificate.

Graduate Certificate

A Graduate Certificate is a short-term programme; designed to help participants acquire deep skills in a specialisation.

Participants will earn subject credits and upon fulfilling the requirements of the programme, attain a Graduate Certificate in the chosen field of study.

To further deepen the expertise and knowledge, participants can also choose to do two or more Graduate Certificates in the same domain and acquire the ModularMaster Certificate in that domain.

ModularMaster Certificate

A ModularMaster Certificate is an academic credential awarded by the Singapore University of Technology and Design. An MM certificate programme is designed with working professionals in mind, helping these learners acquire knowledge and skills essential for their workplace.

A candidate can take skills-based modular courses to aggregate subject credits of each module and upon meeting the requirements of minimum subject credits and other criteria such as design projects and assessments, an MM certificate/credential will be awarded.

For candidates who prefer to follow a designated pathway, we have designed the Graduate Certificate programme as a pathway leading towards a ModularMaster Certificate.


Progression pathway to Master's Programme

For candidates who wish to further develop their in-depth and specific knowledge, they can apply to the relevant SUTD Master degree programme where they can continue to pursue the second half of a Master degree programme to accumulate further Subject Credits and work towards earning a full Master degree.

Recognised subject credits earned from the MM certificate programme are also transferable to the relevant Master programme as advanced credits. This stackable approach of the modules will create flexibility for working adults. Currently, the MM in Cybersecurity offers such a pathway to attaining a Master's qualification in the same domain.

Find out more about the Graduate Certificate and ModularMaster Certificate programmes in the Frequently Asked Questions.