What our Students Say

"I was exposed to various advanced topics such as cryptography and quantum mechanics. Although sessions were demanding, instructors were very willing to clarify my doubts. SHARP stretches even the best and brightest minds to develop interdisciplinary researchers of tomorrow."

Vanessa Chia Yun Hao, SHARP Student
AY2019 Intake


"By putting students on the front lines of research, SHARP inculates in students an attitude of enquiry. I chose SHARP because it allows me to dig deeper into the why and how, explore new approaches and create new insights."

Jia Shuyi, SHARP Student
AY2019 Intake


"SHARP has been extremely challenging and fulfilling. We are exposed to exciting topics that cultivate a strong interest in research, with opportunities to pursue our own passion areas."

Han Xing Yi, SHARP Student

AY2019 Intake