What our Students Say

"I was exposed to various advanced topics such as cryptography and quantum mechanics. Although sessions were demanding, instructors were very willing to clarify my doubts. SHARP stretches even the best and brightest minds to develop interdisciplinary researchers of tomorrow."

Vanessa Chia Yun Hao, SHARP Student
AY2019 Intake


"SHARP caters to a wide variety of research interests. Those passionate towards complex academic theories will enjoy the in-depth lessons conducted by SHARP professors on their own research. Each term, SHARP students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of projects to work on. This exposure naturally builds up a student's research portfolio over time."

Looi Chi Han, SHARP Student
AY2021 Intake


"The rigorous and challenging progamme fosters a sense of camaraderie among the SHARP students, creating a lively and vibrant community of researchers at SUTD. If you have a sense of wonder and are willing to take up a challenge, SHARP is a great place to learn from peers, faculty and researchers."

Xie Jiacheng, SHARP Student

AY2021 Intake