Stackable Micro Content

The Stackable Micro Content is a unique feature of this Journal and allows for multiple authoring pathways and a scaffolded editorial process. This is to allow authors to submit project developments in phases so that you can document and get constructive, peer-reviewed feedback which can help to shape your projects. ​

Each innovation project is to have 4 units of Stackable Micro Content where development of the project is documented progressively over each unit. Authors are to submit all 4 units of Stackable Micro Content progressively such that it is increasingly more evidence-based as the project progresses.

The Stackable Micro Content submissions of a single innovation project can be a combination of different multimedia formats such as slides, audios, podcasts, videos or animations. The stackable units must build upon one another to document the whole study/experiment scientifically. ​

There are base-level screening questions to determine the suitability of submissions for publication. Additional review questions are mapped to each stage of progression, and relevant sets of questions are used for each Stackable Micro Content unit.

The 4 Units of Stackable Micro Content

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