The SUTD campusX initiative is set up to create a human-centric cyber-physical learning environment that focuses on the needs and experiences of students and instructors using data analytics and learning sciences.

SUTD campusX

Realising that we have to go beyond the aim of using existing technology tools to possibly innovating our own technology tools or adopting emerging tools, SUTD has started the campusX initiative in 2021.

In the past five years, Technology-enhanced Learning and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (TEL-SoTL) projects tend to use existing technology tools in general. However, the existing technology tools have limitations in terms of active and interactive learning. For instance, how can we teach practical skills online? Or how can we get teams to co-design and build a prototype synchronously? While existing technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft or Google allow certain level of collaboration, there are limitations when it comes to higher-order student-centered active, collaborative learning as suggested by various studies.

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