We are SUTD campusX

A group of 70 faculty and staff members are currently involved in SUTD campusX initiative, in developing and testing the efficacy of new technologies and pedagogies for cyber-physical teaching and learning. There are many good reasons to pursue the campusX initiative, and we are clear that campusX needs to be centred on learners and instructors, and at the same time, be open and collaborative to work with like-minded partners to realise cyber-physical learning.

Prof Pey Kin Leong, campusX

Sector Lead for SUTD campusX

Professor Pey Kin Leong

Associate Provost (Digital Learning)

Dr Kenneth Lo, campusX

Programme Director for SUTD campusX

Dr Kenneth Lo

Director, Office of Digital Learning

Dr Kwan Wei Lek, campusX

Deputy Programme Director for SUTD campusX
(Learning Analytics and Infrastructure System)

Dr Kwan Wei Lek

Associate Head of Cluster for Undergraduate Programme and Outreach (Science, Mathematics and Technology),
Senior Lecturer (Engineering Product Development)

Dr Oka Kurniawan, campusX

Deputy Programme Director for SUTD campusX
(Digital Learning Technology and Innovation for Pedagogy)

Dr Oka Kurniawan

Senior Lecturer (Information Systems Technology and Design)

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