We are SUTD campusX

A group of 70 faculty and staff members are currently involved in SUTD campusX initiative, in developing and testing the efficacy of new technologies and pedagogies for cyber-physical teaching and learning. There are many good reasons to pursue the campusX initiative, and we are clear that campusX needs to be centred on learners and instructors, and at the same time, be open and collaborative to work with like-minded partners to realise cyber-physical learning.

Prof Pey Kin Leong, campusX

Sector Lead for SUTD campusX

Professor Pey Kin Leong

Associate Provost (Digital Learning)

Dr Kenneth Lo, campusX

Programme Director for SUTD campusX

Dr Kenneth Lo

Director, Office of Digital Learning

Dr Kwan Wei Lek, campusX

Deputy Programme Director for SUTD campusX
(Learning Analytics and Infrastructure System)

Dr Kwan Wei Lek

Associate Head of Cluster for Undergraduate Programme and Outreach (Science, Mathematics and Technology),
Senior Lecturer (Engineering Product Development)

Dr Oka Kurniawan, campusX

Deputy Programme Director for SUTD campusX
(Digital Learning Technology and Innovation for Pedagogy)

Dr Oka Kurniawan

Senior Lecturer (Information Systems Technology and Design)

SUTD Projects

Thrust 1: People-Centric Learning & Design (PCLD)

Lead: Assistant Professor Andrew Yee

Project Team:
Assistant Professor Nilanjan Raghunath
Assistant Professor Gordon Tan
Assistant Professor Wang Yixiao
Dr Cheng Nien Yuan
Ms Raifanah Binte Mohamed Ramli

People-centric learning and development (PCLD) is the principle that we situate all our learning solutions and practices with human experiences at the center.

In this thrust, we aim to develop and consolidate resources that can help us gain insight into people's experiences of campusX initiatives. This in turn will provide important feedback to the various thrusts for future development or enhancement considerations.

Thrust 2: Immersive Realities Learning (IRL)

Leads: Dr Cheah Chin Wei, Dr Ng Wei Khim

Project Team:
Assistant Professor Immanuel Koh
Assistant Professor Nilanjan Raghunath
Professor of Practice Eva Maria Castro
Dr Oka Kurniawan
Mr Jacob Chen
Mr Danny Chow
Ms Grace Sow
Ms Judy Teo

Immersive Realities Learning (IRL) is a learning methodology that makes use of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) technologies to provide engaging and active learning experiences, through 'phygital' (physical + digital bridged though technology) environments and hybrid (collaborative; physical; virtual) interactions.

Thrust 3: Metaverse & Blockchain for Learning (MBFL)

Leads: Assistant Professor Dorien Herremans, Assistant Professor Immanuel Koh

Project Team:
Assistant Professor Jeffrey Chan
Assistant Professor Xiong Zehui
Professor of Practice Eva Maria Castro
Dr Oka Kurniawan
Mr Jacob Chen
Mr Danny Chow

Metaverse is the post-reality universe, a perpetual and persistent multi-user environment merging physical reality with digital virtuality. In this thrust we formulate a unique design of the metaverse which merges blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gamification for learning in the spatial web (Web 3.0).

Metaverse & Blockchain for Learning at SUTD is creative socio-spatial platform, where students are not only learners of digital content, but also its potential creators/owners and co-creators/co-owners of the assets, thus learning and gaining real world life-skills. It presents them with a new means of expressing themselves and allows SUTD to support them in a meaningful, fun and AI-powered manner.

Thrust 4: Socially Interactive Educational Robotics (SIER)

Leads: Associate Professor Mohan Rajesh Elara, Assistant Professor Wang Yixiao

Project Team:
Associate Professor Yow Wei Quin
Mr Koh Hong Pin
Mr Gordon Victor Lange
Mr Melvin Lee
Mr Zeng Zimou

Socially Interactive Educational Robotics (SIER) would provide a physical platform for video and audio streaming and communication of remote students and lecturers in the form of a mobile tabletop telepresence robot. 

The tabletop collaborative telepresence robot is the endpoint for remote users to convey any reactions and queries while remote learning under campusX project in the form of movement and visual cues from the robot. The robot would provide flexible two-way communication between on-site and remote users and to serve as the receiving point for video and audio data streams for other campusX projects.

Thrust 5: Advanced Learning Analytics (ALA)

Leads: Dr Kwan Wei Lek, Mr Magnus Bengtsson

Project Team:
Dr Lee Chee Huei
Dr Norman Lee
Dr Wong Wei Pin
Mr Ng Lian Wah
Ms Tin Ma Ma

Advanced Learning Analytics empower students in personalising their learning and enable instructors to introduce timely interventions through Cloud Analytics Platform, Real-Time Engagement Feedback, and Personalised Learning. 

Thrust 6: Enhanced Learning Through Innovative Technology (ELITE)

Leads: Dr Oka Kurniawan, Dr Natalie Agus, Dr Lee Chee Huei

Project Team:
Dr Nachamma Sockalingam
Mr Magnus Bengtsson
Mr Mohamed Idham Bin Mohid
Ms Vijaya Lakshimi Selliah
Ms Grace Sow

Enhanced Learning Through Innovative Technology (ELITE) strives to support SUTD campusX by providing expertise on how to apply innovative technologies to enhance learning in the classroom and beyond classroom. 

Our aim is to anchor all innovative technology usage to a sound pedagogical practices and design to align how technology can support learning by improving learning outcomes, its assessments and activities.

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