​The Digital Learning Office

The Digital Learning Office (DLO) is a newly established office under the Office of Provost. Led by Associate Provost (Digital Learning), it focuses on new digital educational practices and technologies to support the University’s 2030 Work and Learn Framework. Some of the key components of the 2030 framework include:

  • to provide digital learning to support a Work and Learn ecosystem seamlessly

  • development and training programmes of new critical core skills as part of the pre-employment training (PET)

  • a new forward-looking cyber-physical platform that accommodates SUTD's signature team-based teaching and learning, and continuous education training (CET) for adult learners.

The 2030 Work and Learn Framework also aims to support a new form of cyber-physical learning where cyber students can learn in a safe environment at anytime and any place, in real time without compromising on the learning objectives, outcome and experience of a physical class. Similar understanding will be established for cyber instructors.

The ultimate goal of DLO is to continuously develop new digital learning platforms that push the boundaries of future learning with improved fun and joy in team-based teaching and learning. Such new educational platforms and technologies will set a new benchmark and standard for personalised learning for both individual and team-based members.

DLO will expand its digital learning initiatives beyond campusX in the near future to further explore and exploit the up-and-coming opportunities under the 2030 Work and Learn Framework.

Our Address

Digital Learning Office
Building 3, Level 7, Digital Learning Office 
8 Somapah Road
Singapore 487372
Telephone: +65 6499 4616