As a thought leader, campusX started Cyber-Physical Learning Alliance (CPLA) both locally and internationally as a collaborative initiative that brings together educational institutions and experts from around the world to advance the field of cyber-physical learning (CPL). CPL refers to teaching and learning environments where both remote (cyber) and in-person (physical) students can learn and interact effectively, seamlessly, and synchronously using a range of technologies such as immersive technologies (e.g., augmented/virtual/immersive realities, metaverse, gamification), telepresence robotics, learning analytics, artificial intelligence, and personalized learning​.


To pioneer innovative cyber-physical learning to enable the future of seamless education and work for personalised lifelong tertiary learning.


  • To harness technology and learning sciences to advance cyber-physical learning.

  • To promote cyber-physical learning to audiences across academia, industry, media, and government.

The aims of CPLA are to:

  • Collaborate on joint projects to realize cyber-physical learning, such as projects:

    • On research/innovation, scholarship, and field experiments of cyber-physical learning (with the possibility to seek external funding).

    • To evaluate instructional design, pedagogies/andragogies, and learning effectiveness of cyber-physical courses.

  • Disseminate and share knowledge and expertise of cyber-physical learning among alliance members.

  • Examine and promote the adoption of cyber-physical learning internally within their institutions.

    • Such as identifying disciplines and learning populations that can benefit from cyber-physical learning.

  • Promote the benefits and advantages of cyber-physical learning to internal and external audiences (across academia, industry, media, and government).