Telepresence Learning System

The cyber-physical Telepresence Learning System (TLS) involves telepresence robot, learning analytics, facial and eye sensors, VR/AR, and gamification tools. Its purpose is to provide an integrated, seamless, and interactive learning experience for students:

  • who are participating in a physical class remotely (i.e. a cyber student) and

  • who are physically present in the class (i.e. physical students).

TLS serves to enable physical representations of the remote cyber students in a face-to-face class, so that both cyber and physically present students are able to learn and collaborate together in an effective and socially connected manner. The learning analytics and sensors also provide instructors with real-time dashboard understanding of the learning responses of students, so that instructors can personalise and optimise learning for both cyber and physical students.

SUTD campusX calls this educational approach "cyber-physical learning".