Faculty Educational Development Committee 

Learning Sciences Lab (LSL) formed the Faculty Educational Development Committee in January 2018 to work closely with Associate Provost (Office of Undergraduate Studies in 2018) and the Assistant Director of LSL to shape, strategise and formulate a holistic learning and development framework and plan for faculty members, with particular focus on teaching, curriculum and assessment, which comes under the broad umbrella of pedagogy.  

Key members of the committee:

Pillar/Cluster Committee Member 
Digital Learning Office Professor Pey Kin Leong 
Architecture and Sustainable Design Assistant Professor Michael Budig 
Engineering Product Development Lecturer Lee Chee Huei 
Engineering Systems and Design Professor Peter Jackson 
Information Systems Technology and Design Senior Lecturer Norman Lee 
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences  Assistant Professor Samson Lim 
Science, Mathematics and Technology Senior Lecturer Yajuan Zhu 
Learning Sciences Lab Dr Nachamma Sockalingam 


Human Resources                                         Ms Sharon Yeo                      

SUTD Pedagogical Interest Groups 

There are also several of our faculty members championing various areas of pedagogical interest and form the community of pedagogical interest groups 

  1. Flipped Learning - Dr Yajuan Zhu 
  2. Robots and Simulation in Programming - Dr Oka Kurniawan and Dr Norman Lee 
  3. AR/VR in Teaching - Dr Eva Mario Castro and Dr Keegan Kang
  4. campusX Projects

External partnership

We also work with other universities, institutions and industrial partners. Examples of these are