Learning Sciences Lab at SUTD was established on 15 July 2016. As part of the current Digital Learning Office, it aims to support faculty and learners in engaged teaching and learning so as to enhance academic innovation and support new pedagogies and technologies in a digital community of learning & practice.

Learning Sciences Lab offers services such as pedagogical workshops, consultations and collaborations - on teaching and pedagogical research. It also provides opportunities for sharing and learning through talks, seminars, and conferences on teaching and learning. It aims to build a community of practice in teaching and learning at SUTD - within SUTD and in collaboration with other universities.
Learning Sciences Lab's motto is Engaged Teaching for Engaged Learning and Engaged Learning for Effective Learning.
The underpinning beliefs are

  1. Student learning informs and shapes teaching.
  2. Learning and teaching requires deep engagement - from learners and instructors.
  3. Active interaction between learners and with instructors is essential for effective teaching and learning.

Learning Sciences Lab is directed by Dr Nachamma Sockalingam, under the guidance and leadership of Associate Provost for Digital Learning, Professor Pey Kin Leong.

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