Consultations on Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching

Teaching is an onerous task and involves a great deal of planning, time and effort. SUTD’s unique academic structure and pedagogy emphasizes this even more. In addition, designing and developing curriculum, assessment and teaching may need several iterations to perfect.

While curriculum teams offer help in curriculum development and implementation, additional support from pedagogical point of view, for instance, in terms of curriculum mapping, technology enabled/student centered learning methods, and outcome based assessments could lead to an even more enhanced teaching and learning experience for both instructors and learners.

Learning Science Lab offers consultation services to work closely with faculty members in designing curriculum and assessments, and implementing instructional methods in class.

Consultations will be grounded in pedagogical principles and will be tailored to faculty requirements. Learning Science Lab will also work with other Office of Education offices such as EduTech where necessary to better support faculty members. Where needed, Learning Sciences Lab could also connect the teams with other pedagogical/technological experts.
If you are thinking of improving your curriculum, assessment and teaching and would like to have a pedagogical perspective, do contact us.