Pedagogical Projects

SUTD faculty members have been engaged in several SOTL projects. Some of the projects include:

  • Voices on Assessment Methods.
  • Virtual Map for Visualization of Learning Outcomes and Courses’ Attributes.
  • The Future of Learning the Past.
  • Enhancement of Students’ Understanding of Potential Energy and Conservative Force Concepts by Physics-Math Integration Pedagogy.
  • Redesign and Evaluation of CHART, A Real-Time Digital Feedback Tool.
  • Exploring the World of Chemistry Through Virtual Reality.
  • Course Health - Nurturing and Monitoring Attributes in Students.
  • Remote Experiment for Engineering Courses.
  • Linear Algebra by Polya Design.
  • Teaching Structures to Architects - Think, Experience, Communicate and Design.
  • AI Based Automated Feedback and Grading for Novice Programmers.
  • Towards a Design-Centric Freshmore Physics Classroom Through the Reverse Engineering Pedagogy (REP).
  • From BigD to BigD+: An SUTD community led development of Next‐Gen Design Education.
  • Smart Online Learning for Digital Professional Practice.
  • Calculus in Physics: Exploring Mathematics-Physics Integration in ILP2.
  • Minds-on Hands-on pedagogy approach for effective assimilation of Physics concepts.
  • AI Enabled Realtime Feedback for Instructional Video to Enhance Learning and Attention.
  • Smart And Fun Exploration Of The Physical World.
  • Development of a Tool to Monitor Classroom Health Anonymously in Real Time (CHART).
  • Design And Development Of A Virtual Reality Learning Toolkit To Study The Brain And Memory Processes In A Fun And Interactive Manner.
  • Intentional Insight Environment.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of an active learning activity using NCBI BLAST1 on students’ understanding of concepts in Genetics and Bioinformatics.
  • Design Thinking in Capstone
  • Teaching and Design Thinking Using AR/VR
  • Teaching and Assessing Projects in Design World
  • Ethics in Design Projects
  • Implementing Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality in Teaching Programming
  • Digitalizing and Visualizing the Flowers and Aromatics in the Classical Chinese Poetry
  • Implementing Virtual Laboratories in a Freshmore Biology Course
  • Flipped Classroom in Statistics Class
  • ​Designing Virtual Laboratories for a Freshmore Biology Course
  • Using VR/AR, and Storytelling to Teach Mathematics
  • Gamifying Assessment using a MobileApp​
  • Using Games and Gamification in Digital World course
  • Crowdfunding Campaign as a Pedagogical Approach​
  • BYOD for Active and Interactive Learning
  • Effectiveness of Games in Introduction to Computational Thinking
  • Bridging the Gap between High School and University through an Online Chemistry Course
  • Capstone Allocation: Design and Optimisation
  • Integrated teaching of Physics and Maths for a Bridging Course

The Learning Sciences Lab hopes to work together with faculty members in SOTL projects. Please do contact us is you are thinking of initiating pedagogical projects and would like to discuss.