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Pedagogy Newsletter

As a centre of pedagogical support, LSL had launched SUTD's pedagogy newsletter in 2017. The newsletter will be published annually with aims to promote and celebrate teaching excellence and experience at SUTD, by taking a reflective, evidence-based empirical approach into teaching and learning practices at SUTD and beyond to identify innovative and effective pedagogies for SUTD. We also hope that the newsletter will serve as a platform for sharing pedagogical resources on technology and library tools.






Editorial Board Members
  1. Daniel Joseph Whittaker (ASD)
  2. Keegan Kang (ESD)
  3. Khoo Xiao Juan (EPD)
  4. Nachamma Sockalingam (LSL)
  5. Norman Lee (ISTD)
  6. Paolo Di Leo (HASS)
  7. Tan Mei Xuan (SMT)
Guidelines For Submission

If you are keen to submit articles, please email Some guidelines for submission are:

Your article should

1.  meet the aims and scope of the newsletter.

2.  be well-written and easy to follow, without unnecessary technical jargons.

3.  be original – not reprinted anywhere else.

4.  go beyond being descriptive – should attempt to take a more empirical, reflective approach.

5.  highlight the impact and significance of the findings.

6.  We accept a variety of articles and this could be in the form of

  • Current Issues (< 2 pages)

    • This could be a write up of the latest happenings in the education industry. For instance, on learning analytics in education.

  • Opinion Pieces (< 2 pages)

    • This would be  opinion and reflective write ups - and may not be that empirically grounded. More of sharing perspectives and experiences.

  • Research (< 5 pages)

    • Research articles are empirical, evidence-based articles of action research/inquiry into teaching and learning.

  • Different Perspectives (< 2 pages)

    • This could be interviews with various stakeholders.

  • Book Reviews (1 page)

    • Reviews of book on pedagogical topics

  • Teaching Resources (1 page)

    • Write ups from various offices in SUTD/outside on teaching resources

  • Events (< 2 pages)

    • Write ups on pedagogical workshops/courses/conferences attended

7. Recommended format, A4 pages, Times New Roman, Font 12, single space, Justified). Authors are encouraged to use relevant visuals. Picture quality has to be 300dpi for print.
8. To include photos and few lines about authors.